‘Far Cry 5’ – Fan-Made ‘Goldeneye’ Maps Removed By Ubisoft

Far Cry 5 (Image Courtesy Of Ubisoft Games)

Far Cry 5 (Image Courtesy Of Ubisoft Games)

Ubisoft made the decision this week to remove a selection of maps in response to a copyright infringement claim. These maps, created by YouTuber Krollywood, were intended to imitate stages from Nintendo’s Goldeneye 007.

Krollywood made an insane time commitment to create these maps as the process took over three years. The maps represent every main level from Goldeneye 007, a classic first-person shooter for the Nintendo 64. He accomplished this using Far Cry 5’s level editor, which he appreciates for the “ease of use and the sheer number of objects at your disposal,” according to an article on Kotaku. He also loves the fact that objects from other games, like Assassins Creed, are available in the editor. He had spent over 1,400 hours in-game by the time he finished the maps. Many of these hours are still documented through videos on his channel.

Krollywood’s maps were applauded for their accurate and painstaking detail. Kotaku even featured him in the above-mentioned article. This article praises the immense amount of work that went into this project along with diving into his creative process.

The YouTuber made a statement on June 24 addressing the situation. He confirmed that MGM, the co-owners to the rights of the James Bond Franchise, had submitted a copyright claim. He was made aware of this by a direct message from Ubisoft.

“It’s really sad but my work isn’t deleted, because I saved the levels on my PS4/PS5, on PS+ cloud, and USB-Stick. I don’t know if there is a legal way to upload them because I’m on their radar now, I think,” wrote Krollywood.

Ubisoft also offered a statement, which in part read that they “respect the intellectual property rights of others and expect our users to do the same.”

This heartbreaking situation has an uncertain ending, however, some PC users think they can find a workaround to play the maps.

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