‘Life Is Strange True Colors’ Announced For September Release

Photo: DontNot Entertainment

Photo: DontNot Entertainment

Square Enix, DontNot Entertainment and Deck Nine announced Wednesday that the newest chapter of the Life Is Strange series, Life is Strange True Colors, is coming to players September 10, 2021. The soothing, but ominous debut trailer hints at the same wholesome and introspective themes that made earlier entries legendary.

True Colors follows Alex Chen after her brother Gabe dies in a “so-called” accident. Like every other Life Is Strange game, Chen has supernatural abilities. Unlike earlier entries where characters can slow time, Chen can absorb and change the strong emotions of the people around her. The game takes place in a small Colorado town named Haven Springs, which from the trailer, has a delightful small-town South-West feel. Alex implies that she traveled from somewhere else to make a life in Haven Spring and that her brother’s death happened suddenly after her arrival.

The Life Is Strange series and DontNod’s work in particular is a landmark of deep, progressive storytelling in video games. True Colors appears to be maintaining another series trend of dealing with modern, taboo topics. Alex’s grief and mourning after her brother’s death appears to be a turning point in her relationship with Haven Spring. Players can look forward to new details about Life is Strange True Colors in the coming months and PC players can already wishlist the game on Steam.

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