Nintendo’s President Gives Update On Switch 2

Blue Switch Lite (Photo: Courtesy of Nintendo)

Blue Switch Lite (Photo: Courtesy of Nintendo)

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa has given an update on Nintendo’s next console, assuring fans that the supply of the Switch’s successor will meet audience demand. Rumors surrounding the next Nintendo console have been abundant, with people speculating on its release date, power and whether it will be a follow-up to the Nintendo Switch. While very little is known about the console, Furukawa assures fans that supply will be plentiful upon release.

Nintendo announced their next console via Twitter on May 7 earlier this year. In the tweet, Furukawa said that Nintendo will announce the successor to the Nintendo Switch “within this fiscal year,” meaning before March 31, 2025. Since then, Nintendo has held a Nintendo Direct announcing their upcoming for the rest of the year, but the Switch 2 was nowhere to be seen. With the Nintendo Switch now being seven years old, fans are craving new hardware, and Furukawa said that they should have no trouble buying the new system.

In a Q&A during a general meeting with shareholders, Nintendo execs were asked what measures they were taking to prevent scalping of their next console. Furukawa replied that Nintendo intends to produce enough systems that the console will meet consumer demands, making scalping ineffective.

Nintendo Switch 2 Will Meet Consumer Demand

“As a countermeasure against resale, we believe that the most important thing is to produce a sufficient number to meet customer demand, and this idea has not changed since last year,” Furukawa said.

Furukawa also went on to say that Nintendo is looking into any laws that could be used to prevent scalping.

“In addition to this, we are considering whether there are any other measures that can be taken to the extent allowed by laws and regulations, taking into account the circumstances of each region.”

The Nintendo Switch has had issues with meeting demand throughout its lifespan. In recent years, a shortage of semiconductors prevented Nintendo from producing a sufficient number of systems to meet consumer demand, but Furukawa said that this should not be an issue with the next console.

“At this time, we do not believe that the shortage of components will have a significant impact on the production of the successor model,” Furukawa said.

Not much else is known about Nintendo’s next console at this time, but it will be announced sometime before March 31 next year.

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