Three Major Twists In The Ending Of ‘Destiny 2’

Destiny 2 (Image: Bungie)

Destiny 2 (Image: Bungie)

Season of the Splicer’s epilogue has recently dropped – and it was jaw-dropping. The dark turns have not only left players in awe but also drove them to crave more threads of the plot. To give a quick recap, here are the major scenes that would probably haunt players until the sequel comes.

The Death of Lakshmi: After an ominous message from the Splicer Servitor within the HELM, Lakshmi-2 announces that she let the Vex invade the Last City to take out the Eliksni. This event was implied from the start of the season when Lakshmi-2 said that she didn’t trust the alliance with Mithrax and his Hous of Light because she’d seen a vision foreboding the Eliksni’s involvement in an armed conflict. It turns out that Lakshmi-2 is helped by Osiris for leading the Vex into the city, and the reported vision was fabricated. Then, Lakshmi-2 appears to be killed by someone she trusted, screaming to show her disbelief and fear.

The Turn of Osiris: A cut scene kicks in during the Guardian’s fight with the Vex and the Taken, with Mithrax and Saint-14 strenuously deterring the invades together. Meanwhile, Osiris, who is reported M.I.A. at the start of the event, is seen standing on a balcony observing the war. This confirms that Osiris cannot be the legendary Warlock who has spent years doing good for the Last City and the Traveler. There is also another theory suggesting that it is Osiris that murdered Lakshmi-2, who trusted Osiris to plot the treason together. Others also surmise that Osiris is actually Savathun, the Hive God of trickery.

Whether Osiris is actually Savathun, the answer would probably lie in The Witch Queen expansion or even in Season 15.

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