‘Bayonetta 3’ Is Reportedly ‘Progressing Well’

Bayonetta 3 (Photo Courtesy of Nintendo)

Bayonetta 3 (Photo Courtesy of Nintendo)

The Bayonetta series has been favored by fans due to its sexy, fearless and powerful protagonist. While the announcement of Bayonetta 3 was made three years ago, there has literally been no information about the update during these years, not even at the E3 conference. Some fans have chosen to cover their disappointment with humor, joking about having a Bayonetta 4 before the third game of the series comes out.

That being said, Nintendo Treehouse employees Nate Bihldorff and Bill Trinen have ensured the steady development of Bayonetta 3 during a recent interview with Gamespot, promising that the game is “progressing well.” Indeed, the term “progressing well” is astronomically ambiguous. The game can be progressing well but can also still be in the early stages of development.

Moreover, game director Hideki Kamiya has shared his frustration regarding people’s over-speculation. “I get why people say, ‘Hurry up and release info’ or ‘Show us something,’” Kamiya wrote on Twitter. “Reckless remarks like ‘Has development stopped?’ or ‘I guess it’s been delayed’, etc. are nothing but annoying public waste.”

Still, we should keep in mind that in an interview with VGC, Kamiya said “it’s safe to expect” news on the game in 2021. But he has suggested fans “all reset and forget about Bayonetta 3.

“Then when something finally does happen, it will be a nice surprise,” he said in the interview.

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