EA Confirms Madden 25 Compatibility With A College Football 25 Game Mode

'Madden 25' (Image: EA)

'Madden 25' (Image: EA)

EA has confirmed that College Football 25 and Madden 25 will be able to link together, letting a superstar created in College Football be transferred to continue their career in MaddenCollege Football 25 is the long-awaited return of EA’s College Football franchise. It is the first game in the series since 2013’s NCAA Football 14.

In College Football 25, players can create their custom character in the Road to Glory mode. Road to Glory allows players to live the life of a college athlete as their superstar pursues the coveted Heisman trophy. Players have to manage their superstars both on and off the field, earning their coach’s trust, keeping their GPA up, maintaining their image and even being able to enter the transfer portal to get the playtime they deserve.

With Madden 25 releasing a month after College Football 25, EA has confirmed that a Road to Glory character will be able to be transferred into Madden 25‘s Superstar mode. Superstar mode is similar to Road to Glory, allowing players to create their own athlete and be drafted into the NFL, proving to coaches, the media, and the league that you have what it takes to be an NFL superstar. Now, players will be able to start their athlete’s journey in college and follow them through their NFL career.

Madden 25 Game Modes

  • Presentation: Play-by-play never sounded so good with two additional commentary teams – Mike Tirico & Greg Olsen, and Kate Scott & Brock Huard – across the game plus fresh pregame montages, camera angles, environments, Super Bowl celebrations, and immersive audio that looks, feels and sounds different at every level.
  • Franchise: Recharged Franchise mode provides a rebuilt NFL Draft night experience featuring Roger Goodell, a redesigned Franchise Central that delivers dynamic storylines and strategic insights, and more ways to customize your team and season on the Team Builder website.
  • Superstar Mode: Customize your avatar with new archetypes, faces, hair, tattoos, and more. Utilize new Combine drills to grow your avatar, then dominate The League, show off in Showdown, and collect rewards in year-round live events and dynamic seasonal experiences.
  • Ultimate Team: Build the ultimate roster with more customization options that simplify lineup adjustments and include new challenge types, Solo Seasons, and fresh playbook content every update. Collect rewards with refreshed content all year long, and experience new ways to play including events that feature a 6v6 arcade-like experience.
  • Online H2H: Climb redesigned leaderboards by playing competitive seasons and mastering the new ranked structure in head-to-head divisions. Progress through divisions to gauge success; only the best of the best will qualify for a spot in the elite Top 100 division (on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC).

Madden 25 Gameplay improvements

  • Physics-Based Tackling: Cut loose and attack the ball with powerful Hit Sticks, Cut Sticks, trucks, dives and stiff arms with more control and realism than ever. A new data-driven physics system considers timing, momentum, weight, speed, strength and player ratings to inform 1-on-1 ball carrier impact for a wider variety of explosive and authentic physical outcomes.
  • Reloaded Hit Stick: Bring power in every phase of the game. The re-engineered Hit Stick uses a timing-based mechanic to provide more control determined by your angle of impact, stick skill and accuracy for cut sticks, big hits, and trucks, with more realistic physical movements and results.
  • Ball Carrier Control: Run the rock with unparalleled confidence and command with the new Ball Carrier Balance and Recovery System. Feel the impact of every hit and experience the thrill of breaking tackles like never before with a more realistic and dynamic ball carrier experience. Absorb big hits, regain your balance and continue the drive, all based on the intensity of the collision and the ratings of the players involved.
  • Foundational Football: The latest additions to FieldSENSE deliver increased authenticity in all three phases of the game – offense, defense, and special teams – to celebrate and reward fans’ love of the NFL. New team-specific plays from some of the NFL’s most innovative play-callers bring enhanced strategy and gameplay variety, including the new NFL hybrid kickoff. Signature pre- and post-snap animations deliver a new level of immersion, and all-new skill mechanics for ball carriers, receivers and defenders provide players with ultimate control across the field.

In addition to this new transfer feature, Madden 25 also includes a brand-new physics engine, giving more control than ever to players. Called BOOM tech, the new physics engine adds physics-based tackling, improved hit stick and improved ball carrier control. BOOM tech sets out to make Madden feel better than ever, putting control in the players’ hands. Madden‘s signature FieldSENSE has also seen improvements.

Madden 25 releases on August 18, following College Football 25‘s release on July 19.

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