Gamers’ Guide To ‘The Outer Worlds’ – Best Tips & Hacks

'The Outer Worlds'

'The Outer Worlds'

The Outer Worlds is slowly gaining popularity among players. The role-playing game forces players to make a lot of decisions as a part of the main story, which at times can be anxiety filled for players as there is a fear that if they choose one path, that will completely alter the story. Here are some tips for players of the game.

Tip #1: The Game Adapts:

  • When it comes to some of these key decisions that players are forced to make, one of the concerns is that if they make one decision, that will completely alter their game and could mess up their journey. This is not necessarily the case. Although every decision you make as a player will have ripple effects and could alter the story you play, the game does adapt. What this means, is that if you make one decision that won’t completely alter the story for your character and prevent a player from achieving certain tasks.

Tip #2: There Are Multiple Ways To Complete An Objective:

  • Typically in some games, there is one way every objective is completed and unless you achieve the objective that one specific way, you cannot move on to the next task. That is not the case in The Outer Worlds as there are multiple ways to complete each objective. So if you are concerned that you are doing something wrong despite completing the objective, there is not necessarily a need to worry.

Tip #3: Search For Hints and Loot Everywhere:

  • Keep your eyes peeled for loot and hints on how to do things because both of those will make your gameplay experience significantly easier and allow you to progress through the game at a much faster rate.

Tip #4: Watch Your Weight:

  • In The Outer Worlds, there is this thing called encumbrance which takes into account various things that will determine how much you can carry at one time. If you exceed your carrying capacity at any given time, that may hinder your ability to sprint around the map, so it will be important to monitor what you have on your person.

Tip #5: Swap Out Your Gear:

  • This is almost a no brainer, as you progress throughout the game, you will need to either upgrade your gear, or change your gear as a means to complete certain objectives, which will force you to constantly adapt.

Tip #6: Use The Lockpick And Hack Skills In The Early Stages Of The Game:

  • Early on the game, you will be given the bare minimum in terms of materials. The lockpick tool will allow you to rack up various gear pieces early on by breaking into lockers and bins with a variety of goods. The hack skill will allow you to manage your inventory and weight by selling your excess inventory at any vending machine of your choosing. This would be instead of trying to find a random store.


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