Free Galar Starter Pokemon Available In ‘Pokemon Sword And Shield’

Pokémon: Sword & Shield (Image courtesy of Pokemon)

Pokémon: Sword & Shield (Image courtesy of Pokemon)

Any player who wants to get one of the three Galar starter Pokemon in Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield for free can now do so. Players who transfer a monster to Pokemon Home will be able to claim either Grookey, Scorbunny or Sobble, each of which will have their Hidden Abilities.

To claim a starter, what a player will have to do is to transfer a Pokemon from either game to Pokemon Home on the Nintendo Switch, then go into the mobile version of Pokemon Home, select the menu button, then select mystery gift, after that select the gift box, and then select the Pokemon in the gift box. 

It is unclear as to how long this will be available for so players should take advantage of while this opportunity is available.

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