New ‘Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’ Trailer Drops, Here’s What We Know

'Pokemon Scarlet' & 'Violet' (Image: Pokemon)

'Pokemon Scarlet' & 'Violet' (Image: Pokemon)

At last, the long-anticipated second trailer for Pokemon’s newest RPG dropped on Wednesday – and fans can’t get enough. The trailer depicted brand new features, new mechanics, landscapes and new legendary Pokemon. Here’s what we know about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet after the second trailer.



The Gameplay

This version of the game seems to be as open-world as any Pokemon game would allow. One of the key aspects is the order in which you defeat gym leaders. Pokemon games tend to have a more predetermined order with the gyms as it advances the story, however, in Scarlet and Violet it seems as if players can choose what gyms they want to tackle and in what order. There has been no information on how the gym leaders are scaled or if there will need to be certain level adjustments in order to fight them.
There seem to be new mechanics with catching Pokemon as well. As the trailer shows, there may be a new “sneaking” animation that allows you to get close to a Pokemon without startling it in order to catch it.

The Pokemon

The Pokemon included in Scarlet and Violet include three new starter Pokemon, a fire-type, a grass-type and a water-type Pokemon. In the past games, you were to select one who’d be your companion for likely the rest of the game. In this version, however, it seems as if players will be able to select all three, though it’s not clear whether players will be able to keep them.

There are also multiple old-gen Pokemon within the game as well as their lower-stage evolutions. It is unclear if players will be able to capture these Pokemon but their mere presence indicates a larger Pokemon database than in games past.

Two new legendary Pokémon have also been added to their respective versions of the game. It is unclear if you will be allowed to capture both legendary Pokemon as you could in games past.


One of the biggest newest features in the game includes the ability to play multiplayer co-op. In previous games, multiplayer battles were possible the ability to explore and play out the game’s campaign has never been available.

There also seems to be an option to trade Pokemon regularly with no restrictions with your friends and other players, adding a brand new realm of enjoyment to players.

These as well as new music by Toby Fox, new costume designs, trainers, professors and more all things that make Pokemon Scarlet and Violet one of the more anticipated releases of 2022.

The game will release on November 18, 2022.

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