Pokémon Promotes Relaxing ASMR Videos

Pokemon's AMSR video (Image: Pokemon)

Pokemon's AMSR video (Image: Pokemon)

ASMR videos are all the rage these days. The satisfying sound relaxes listeners and provides a simple way to destress at any point in time.

ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response,” which categorizes sounds that make people’s brains feel good. One sound does not trigger the same response for everyone. For one individual, it might be whispering. For another, it may be a crunching noise. If the sound is right for the listener, it should create a pleasant tingling feeling on the back of the head, neck and spine; however, some people enjoy the sounds without feeling the tingling sensation. Hours-long videos on YouTube playing one of these sounds have been popularized lately.

Now, Pokémon fans can enjoy ASMR in their own way.

The Japanese Pokémon Company Video Team launched their first 30-minute long ASMR video in January 2020, featuring Charmander as he enjoys a nap by a crackling fire. The second one was released in August of that year. This time, it was Squirtle running around on the beach. The sounds included his feet crunching the sand, birds flying overhead and waves crashing in the background. Others include an hour of Bulbasaur walking around the forest and Piplup rolling around a bedroom before drifting off for a nap.

Pokémon fans can head to The Pokémon Company’s official YouTube channel to find more of these relaxing videos.

Watch an hour-long video of Bulbasaur’s stroll through the forest to destress below.

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