‘Sonic Mania’: Green Hill Zone Act 2 Footage, New Details

Sonic Forces Key Art

Sonic Forces Key Art (Image: SEGA)

Sonic Mania, the latest Sonic side-scroller, is currently set to release during the spring. This continuation of the classic Sonic titles is spearheaded by Christian “The Taxman” Whitehead, Headcannon and PagodaWest Games, with Tantalus Media working on the port for the Nintendo Switch.


Sonic’s official YouTube channel uploaded footage of Green Hill Zone Act 2, which conveniently ends right before the boss. Additionally, SEGA’s Aaron Webber posted a version with his commentary. Of particular note is his mention of Mania’s “1.5 Player” mode.

Green Hill Zone was the first area the Hedgehog ran through back in his original game, and it consequently became the franchise’s most iconic location. While we’ve returned to it many times, Mania incorporates new aspects into it, including zip lines, mountains and Sonic 3‘s Flame Shield. The level design is more elaborate than any other Green Hill incarnation, too.

Sonic Mania will include new Zones as well, of which Studiopolis and Mirage Saloon are the only two showcased thus far. Per a SEGA rep, approximately 60 percent of Mania will be composed of remixed Zones, and 40 percent will be new and repurposed concepts that were previously unused. (For example, Mirage Saloon clearly takes after Desert Dazzle, which was scrapped from Whitehead’s Sonic CD remake.)

Furthermore, fans of SEGA’s blue mascot received another tidbit: a new boss! Sonic and his friends are always antagonized by Dr. Eggman’s minions, the Badniks, and he’s developed the Hard Boiled Heavy series for Mania.

SEGA sometimes insists that Sonic is “returning to his roots” whenever they need a buzzword to promote a new game. However, Sonic Mania is, in many ways, the first game since 2001’s Sonic Advance to offer a genuine attempt at doing so. Veterans of the Genesis-era titles should discern how Mania is on-point with recapturing what made the blue mammal’s golden era unique, and I’m eager to play it.

Sonic Mania will launch for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. But, in the interim, more information will be revealed on March 16.

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