Ubisoft Remove Its Singapore Division’s Managing Director Hugues Ricoeur

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Hugues Ricoeur, the managing director for Ubisoft Singapore, has been removed from his position following a “leadership audit.” While Ubisoft has not made this announcement publicly, Kotaku has received a copy of “an internal company email” that was sent out earlier this week. Ricoeur has been part of Ubisoft since 2018 and has overseen a plethora of projects for the company, including the upcoming Skull and Bones game that is in development. He’s also overseen the production of other games by Ubisoft, including the last few Assassin’s Creed games and the soon-to-be released Immortal Fenyx Rising.

“Effective immediately, Hugues Ricoeur is no longer Managing Director of Ubisoft Singapore,” read the email from Ubisoft chief studios operating officer, Virginie Haas. “The results of the leadership audit that was conducted in the last few weeks by our external partners makes it impossible for him to continue in this position.” Haas took over the position of chief studios operating Office in August, amid the sexual harassment accusations among key members of Ubisoft.

Kotaku was able to reach out to a representative of Ubisoft, who confirmed with them that Ricoeur is still employed at the company, just not at its Singapore division. “We can confirm that Hugues Ricoeur is both stepping down from his role as MD and also leaving the Singapore studio, but will remain at Ubisoft,” said the Ubisoft representative.

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