A Nintendo Museum Is Coming By March 2024

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Nintendo first started its journey in 1889.

Over the years, it has developed a gaming kingdom that incorporates over 700 exciting games, with the reign still expanding even after a literal century. This extensive gaming universe not only solidified an avid fanbase for Nintendo but also marked its historical significance as the Japanese gaming giant in the industry.

Fans, who can literally range from 8 years old to 88, normally celebrate their dedication by revisiting games that carved deeply in memories. But their celebration may shift from a virtual world to reality, as the upcoming Nintendo museum will present a physical nostalgia that welcomes in-person visits.

In Nintendo’s latest press release, the Representative Director and President Shuntaro Furukawa shared an announcement regarding the prospect of a “Nintendo Gallery,” in replacement of the past Uji Ogura Plant.

Known as the “Uji Plant,” the Nintendo Uji Ogura Plant was first built in 1969. After some renovation, the name of the facility changed to “Uji Ogura Plant” in 1988, but its function has remained as a customer service center for product repairs and factory for playing cards and Hanafuda cards in 1969. After these functions were transferred to the current Uji Plant in November 2016, the possibility of a Nintendo museum interjected the discussion.

“Nintendo has been discussing the possibility of building a gallery, as a way to share Nintendo’s product development history and philosophy with the public,” said Furukawa. “To this end, the Nintendo Uji Ogura Plant will be renovated to accommodate the gallery, a decision reached after taking consideration of The City of Uji’s plan of re-developing the nearby Ogura Station area.”

The construction is expected to be completed within the 2023 Fiscal Year, which ends in March 2024.

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