‘Burning Crusade Classic:’ Venture Into The Outland

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic (Image Courtesy Of Blizzard)

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic (Image Courtesy Of Blizzard)

World of Warcraft was first released in September 2001. It wasn’t a sensation at the beginning, but the amount of praise and support are enough to call it a success. It was not until 2007 that World of Warcraft reached its greatest peak.

Through its first expansion, the Burning Crusade, the game transformed into a cultural phenomenon across the world. It is hard to imagine that an expansion of an online game (not even a new, complete game) could stimulate people to gather on the streets for the release, marking an unprecedented moment in online game history.

Apparently, this frantic sensation is what drove Blizzard Games to produce the remake: Burning Crusade Classic.

Many years after the Third War, Illidan Stormrage’s past betrayal has now backfired. The Burning Legion has come to Outland, seeking their revenge on the wayward demon hunter and reclaiming the shattered world. Knowing the terror of their conquest will not subside until they pour into Azeroth, the Horde and Alliance are preparing a preemptive strike by channeling through the Dark Portal to attack the demonic forces that constructed it.

Burning Crusade Classic holds on to its origin’s core features, one of which will be the introduction of two new races: Blood Elves and Draenei. The former narrative continues the Warcraft 3 story of the fate of the elves of Quel’thalas, while the latter serves as a new addition to be subsequently developed in the WoW universe. For a more detailed description of abilities, click here.

In addition to new races, there are multiple updates in this remaster. New talents, balances and class mechanics will be available for each class. Also, a new Scalable stats rating system and five new secondary stats will be introduced. Another important note for the players is that the remake features an easier leveling system, meaning that it takes less time to upgrade. This setting will give players the opportunity to venture into the Outland as new, fully leveled races.

Despite the exciting expansion, Blizzard realizes that some players want to stay in the most original setting of WoW. If you already have characters in World of Warcraft Classic, you can choose to either stay in the Classic Era Realms or journey into the Burning Crusade Classic Progression Realms.

As a community that has lasted over two decades, Blizzard understands the significance of a supportive environment among players. There are multiple sites posted officially on the WoW website for gamers to build connections, ask questions and share experiences in their journeys.

The game is now available. You can either purchase the Dark Portal Pass or the Deluxe Edition with more resources at the beginning.

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