‘Far Cry 6’: Weapon Holster Will Be Important Feature

Far Cry 6 (Image Courtesy OF Ubisoft Games)

Far Cry 6 (Image Courtesy OF Ubisoft Games)

Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 will allow the player to holster their weapon. This may seem to be a trivial detail at first, but there is significance in this fact. This is the first time that this feature will be present in any Far Cry installment to date. This feature represents a step in a new direction for the game series, as they now can apply different styles of gameplay that were not previously possible.

David Grivel, the lead gameplay designer for Far Cry 6, said this feature is “one of the things [he] really pushed for because as you know, in previous Far Cry games you were always the center of attention like enemies knew who you were and they knew kind of almost where you were all time… So, it was difficult for you to just blend in and for us, because we were building a game on modern guerillas, it was important to pass as a civilian.”

As Grivel explained, the player can now maintain a sort of ambiguity. This will allow for more stealth opportunities through blending into the crowd, but will also allow the player time to appreciate the environment of the game without being attacked. The player has more control over the tempo of the game than ever before in Far Cry 6.

“For example, if I was driving a car, I could holster my gun and drive up to a military truck and wait until I was right next to it before I pull out the gun, shoot the driver and hijack the truck in one go,” said Grivel

Speaking of the environment, the game will be set on a Caribbean island called Yara. The map will also be the largest ever featured in a Far Cry game, as the whole country will be a part of the game. As with other games in the series, the goal is to take down a corrupt government. Yara’s tyrant is El Presidente Anton Castillo, who is voiced by prominent actor Giancarlo Esposito.

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