‘Beat Saber’s Next DLC Pack Arrives June 10th, Custom Levels Coming To Oculus Quest

Beat Saber

Beat Saber (Beat Games)

On Wednesday, developer Beat Games went on Twitter with an announcement: the Oculus Quest release of Beat Saber will eventually gain the ability to play on user-created Custom Levels. There was some disappointment upon the editor’s release about how it was limited to the PC version of the game, although modders were able to incorporate modded tracks into the Quest version by the weekend.


While the rhythm game has a history of unofficial mods and level edits, Beat Games’ official level editor only released last week. However, the quality of some fan edits were of subpar quality (concerning Beat Games that they could negatively mar the reputation of their game) and many of them used unlicensed music. The studio is well-aware of the legal quagmire some songs could be in, and obtaining the rights to use them could prove tricky.

Moreover, Beat Games announced the next DLC Music Pack will arrive on June 10. Attached to that announcement was a heavily pixilated 8×8 image, presumably of the pertinent album cover. The developer also asked their fans to guess the name of musical talent, and will award the first three people who correctly guess with “a free key for the next Music Pack after its release” next week.

Beat Saber originally launched last May to critical acclaim. It was among the five games we recommended Oculus Quest owners keep their eyes on.

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