Nintendo eShop’s New October 6, 2016 Releases

Paper Mario: Color Splash

Paper Mario: Color Splash (Nintendo)

The Wii U and Nintendo 3DS family are due for their eShop update, so let’s take a gander at what this week has provided us with.

Paper Mario: Color Splash, for the Wii U, is the biggest offering this week. Mario’s latest adventure builds off of the previous Paper Mario game, which itself was pretty polarizing amongst fans. However, some of Sticker Star’s criticism has been heard, and so far Color Splash is being regarded as an improvement. Color Splash will be released tomorrow, so if you’re willing to give this formula a second chance, maybe you’ll enjoy your time at Prism Island?

Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis was the second game in Nintendo Software Technology’s Mario vs. Donkey Kong series, and it was the one that shifted the gameplay in a direction that’s often compared to Lemmings. Guide your army of Mini Mario toys to victory against Donkey Kong! Pauline and the Super Mini Mario World theme park aren’t going to save themselves.

Mega Man X2, re-released for the New Nintendo 3DS, retains the gameplay of its predecessor. X may have defeated Sigma in the previous episode, but eight Mavericks remain active, and the three X-Hunters have begun carrying out their nefarious plan. As such, Dr. Light’s memento needs to gun ’em all down!

By the way, are you a Pokémon Trainer? You can receive a free Keldeo and Hoopa for your copies of Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.’s event page has the details. And speaking of Pokémon, did you enjoy the new Sun and Moon trailer?

Here’s everything Nintendo released on the eShop this week:

Wii U


  • Paper Mario: Color Splash (Nintendo, $59.99 – launches tomorrow, will also be available at retail)
  • Hurry Up! Bird Hunter (EnjoyUp Games, $7.99)
  • Ninja Pizza Girl (DISPARITY GAMES, $9.99)
  • PSIBO (Nami Tentou, $4.99)
  • SKORB (Stereo Chromatic, $8.99)
  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis (Nintendo, $9.99 – originally released for the Nintendo DS)

Nintendo 3DS


  • Disney 2-Pack (Frozen-Big Hero 6 Combo) (GameMill Entertainment, $29.99 – launches October 11, will also be available at retail)
  • Epic Word Search Holiday Special (Lightwood Games, $7.99)
  • Pyscho Pigs (Bergsala Lightweight, $7.99)

New Nintendo 3DS


  • Pixel Hunter (Lemondo Games, $2.99)
  • Mega Man X2 (Capcom, $7.99 – originally for the Super NES)

If nothing listed above catches your attention, then check out what’s on sale. TreeFall Studios’ The Letter is on sale again. I bought that game two years ago out of morbid curiosity, and yeah, The Letter really is as bad as people say it is. I would even go as far to label it as the third or fourth worst game I have ever played.

Will you download anything this week?


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