Disney Removes Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Free Guy’ From 2020 Release Schedule

Disney Removes Ryan Reynolds' 'Free Guy' From 2020 Release Schedule

Disney Removes Ryan Reynolds' 'Free Guy' From 2020 Release Schedule

Free Guy, the upcoming action-comedy movie starring Ryan Reynolds, has been removed from Disney’s 2020 release schedule. The film was scheduled to premiere in theaters in December, but Disney has decided to pull it from a theatrical release.

Free Guy stars Reynolds playing the titular character of Guy, an NPC in an open-world MMO, who has gained self-awareness and must save his world from being shut down by the game’s publisher, Antoine (played by Thor Ragnarock director, Taika Waititi). Free Guy isn’t the only movie being removed from Disney’s 2020 release schedule, as the company has also removed Kenneth Branagh’s Death on the Nile, the sequel to his film, Murder on the Orient Express (both are based on the novels written by Agatha Christie).

The film industry has been greatly affected by COVID-19, with Disney forced to delay Black Widow from November 2020 to May 2021, a full year from its original May 2020 release date. Additionally, some of Disney’s biggest movies of 2020 (including the Mulan remake and Pixar’s Souls) will be releasing to Disney+ subscribers for no additional cost this December.

Disney has yet to announce if Free Guy or Death on the Nile will release on Disney+ or any other streaming platforms.

Free Guy was originally planned to release in July but has now been delayed indefinitely.

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