‘Hades 2’ Bug Becomes Wildly Popular Feature

Hades (Image: Supergiant Games)

Hades (Image: Supergiant Games)

With Hades 2 entering early access, developer Supergiant Games has been challenging at work tweaking the game and fixing bugs to prepare it for its full release. But one bug that’s been found was purposefully left in the game and is now a fan-favorite feature.

Nemesis is a new character introduced in Hades 2. She is the daughter of Nyx and the personification of retribution. Nemesis serves a similar role in Hades 2 to Thanatos in the first game. She will occasionally appear and challenge the main character, Melinoë, to see which of them can slay the most enemies. Nemesis, like Melinoë, is seeking to overthrow Chronos while also proving herself to be superior to Melinoë. After the encounter, Nemesis will head off further in pursuit of Chronos. According to game director Greg Kasavin, Nemesis going off after the encounter with Melinoë wasn’t as simple as expected. Kasavin explained the issue to Edge Magazine.

Kasavin said, “There was a bug where Nemesis just ran into a Chaos Gate.” Chaos Gates is a returning feature from the first Hades game. After clearing an encounter, there’s a chance for a Chaos Gate to appear. The player can then take this gate and be transported to a different realm to meet with Chaos. While Melinoë can do this with no issue, Nemesis, on the other hand, is not supposed to be able to do the same.

“The story does not account for Nemesis going into Chaos,” Kasavin said, “But then we were like, ‘wait a minute, that’s awesome.'” Once it was decided that Nemesis entering the Chaos Gate would remain in the game, the developers added narrative context, turning the bug into a feature.  Melinoë, Nemesis and Chaos all have voice lines acknowledging Nemesis entering the gate.

There is a very low chance of Nemesis going to a Chaos Gate. A Chaos Gate spawning and encountering Nemesis are random events with low odds to occur. Even if both events happened simultaneously, it’s not guaranteed that Nemesis would enter the Chaos Gate. She could just as quickly go through one of the other pathways in the chamber. But if the stars align and Nemesis goes through a Chaos Gate, Supergiant Games put in the extra effort to acknowledge it, making Hades 2 just that much more special.

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