What To Expect During ‘Splatoon 3’s’ Upcoming Splatfest 2024

'Splatoon 3' (Image: Nintendo)

'Splatoon 3' (Image: Nintendo)

From April 20 to 22, Nintendo’s squid-themed shooter, Splatoon 3, will host a “Splatfest” event where players can experience in-game musical performances and see the game’s characters and cities with a spring theme. On the game’s official X account, the developers told fans that this year’s theme will involve the question: “Which fuzzy fluffiness do you like the most?”

The post included the three options of “Baby Chicks,” “Li’l Bunnies” and “Bear Cubs,” with the studio asking fans to pick their favorite of the three. And it was not just the fans who were saying their favorites – the official Walmart Canada’s branch for Gaming responded by picking the “Bear Cubs” out of their love for Banjo-Kazooie.

Three of the bands in the game have also been seen in promotional material sporting spring outfits, with the in-game bands “Squid Sisters,” “Off the Hook,” and “Deep Cut” being confirmed to perform during the online event. It has also been revealed that the DLC areas – “Inkopolis Plaza” and “Inkopolis Square” – will also be getting a spring makeover later this month for fans who have bought the game’s “Inkopolis” expansion.

This event will coincide with the service for the online services of the Wii U, meaning that the franchise’s first game will no longer be able to host multiplayer games. The original Splatoon game will still allow players to do sol0-campaigns. However, anything that requires internet access will be barred from the game, much to the sadness of several fans of the series.

On the Nintendo Switch store, the service will be offering free cosmetics to players through the news tab. These cosmetics include a spring-themed banner, and four varieties of shades, along with nine different shoes that their in-game character could wear in the game.


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