Hyte Releases Premium $400 Keyboard, Keeb SR65

Hyte Releases Premium $400 Keyboard, Keeb SR65 (Image: Hyte)

Hyte Releases Premium $400 Keyboard, Keeb SR65 (Image: Hyte)

Hyte‘s $400 Keeb SR65 keyboard, which has been called the perfect mix for lovers of high-end technology and gaming, will be available for preorder on January 14.

“We designed Keeb to encourage expression,” lead architect Rob Teller said in an official announcement. “It’s a multi-sensory reward for typing that keeps you comfortable, engaged, and in control.”

When looking for a new keyboard, gamers are presented with options of gaming keyboards and enthusiast keyboards. Gaming keyboards tend to be flashier with lighting effects and shine-through keycaps. Enthusiast keyboards cater to users looking for a more convenient, user-friendly keyboard. The Keeb SR65 presents both.

$400 may seem like a lot to pay for a keyboard, but for the material and capabilities, $400 is at the lower end of high-end keyboardsHyte is also offering a basic version for $350.

The Keeb SR65 is a 65-percent keyboard, which means it has numbers, the alphabet and modifiers. The keyboard can be customized with users having the choice to program each key themselves. It will also come with a suspended gasket mount, which will improve the sound and feel of the Keeb.

An of course, the keyboard is beautifully crafted, made of bead-blasted aluminum. The base is frosted polycarbonate which will enhance the 138 RGB lights.

HYTE worked with custom keyboard experts Alex Medeot and Marcia Roberts to ensure that their new keyboard was top of the line.

“Seeing the progress of this board has been a really fun time and I’m excited to see the end result in person,” said Medeot. “Working with the team [HYTE] surrounding the board was an amazing experience and seeing how receptive they were to feedback was refreshing.”

The keyboard’s official launch is set for May of this year.

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