Meta Quest Pro Details Released During Connect 22

Mark Zuckerberg (Image: Getty)

Mark Zuckerberg (Image: Getty)

Mark Zuckerberg’s next venture, the Metaverse, has been one of the most discussed subjects in the last few years.

At Connect 22, new announcements for Zuckerberg’s brainchild were released to the public.

The now newly released Meta Quest Pro is promising to be an upgrade over the existing Quest 2.

The Pro offers 75 percent more contrast than its predecessor. The Pro is lighter and smaller due in part to pancake-like lenses and the battery taken from the front to the device’s back.

What is being called full-color mixed-reality will overlap graphics onto your physical environment. Inward-facing sensors, which are a new addition will result in more natural expressiveness on the face of an avatar, as well as eye tracking. These new additions will lead to more realistic virtual interactions.

The metaverse is being hailed as the future of work, and in order to get one step closer to that, Zuckerberg talked during a keynote about teaming up with corporations such as Microsoft.

Products such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Windows and Azure Active Directory are to be integrated fully into the Metaverse.

Other than collaboration with companies to bring the metaverse to workplaces, it was revealed that a partnership with NBC’s Peacock may allow fans to walk around The Office‘s office space at Universal Studios online.

Other environments would include certain Dreamwork’s recreations.

Gaming was also touched upon. Marvel’s Iron Man VR is set to appear on the Pro’s predecessor, the Quest 2, on November 8, and Xbox Cloud Gaming is set to arrive at a yet-to-be determined date.

Michael Abrash, chief scientist of Reality Labs, showcased a wrist worn device that reads the body’s electrical signals. Although in the prototype stage, this tool could replace controllers. It is unclear as of now whether Reality Lab’s device will work to be the Metaverse’s controller, but it has potential to be something big.

The Meta Quest Pro released this week and is on sale for $1,799.99

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