10 Tips On How To Conquer ‘Assassin’s Creed: Mirage’

'Assassin's Creed: Mirage' (Image: Ubisoft)

'Assassin's Creed: Mirage' (Image: Ubisoft)

Embarking on the vast expanse of Assassin’s Creed Mirage?

Ready to dominate the desert sands and ancient edifices of Baghdad?

This guide, free from cumbersome jargon and cut straight to the chase, is for champions eager for a swift victory. Let’s dive into the heart of Mirage.

  1. Leverage Enkidu: From the moment you set foot in Baghdad, you’ll befriend Enkidu, an avian ally. Use its sharp eyesight to scout terrain, marking adversaries and uncovering treasures. But be alert! Some pesky marksmen have trained their eyes on the skies. Eliminate them to maintain your airborne advantage.
  2. Stealth: Your Silent Strength: Mirage beckons players back to Assassin’s Creed roots, emphasizing stealth over brute strength. Direct confrontations can be brutal, and with Health Elixirs being a rare commodity, slipping through the shadows is often the wiser choice. Moreover, Mirage equips you with tools tailored for silent takedowns. Master them.
  3. Dance of Combat: The rhythms of Mirage’s combat require attention and agility. Rather than charging in, swords blazing, adopt a more refined approach. Time your parries, watch for enemy cues and strike with deadly precision. Each enemy has a rhythm; learn it and lead the dance.
  4. The Graceful Exit: Every champion knows when to step back and regroup. If a battle becomes too heated, use the environment to your advantage. Vault over walls, lose pursuers in narrow alleys and find a quiet spot to gather your thoughts and plot your next move. There’s no shame in a strategic retreat.
  5. Champion the Trickster Tree: Navigating Mirage’s skill trees can feel overwhelming, but the Trickster Tree stands tall among them. It offers skills and tools that will be invaluable as your journey progresses. By investing in this tree early on, you’re setting yourself up for success.
  6. Master the Throwing Knife: This simple tool, your first in Mirage, is as versatile as it is deadly. Beyond its obvious use, it interacts with the world in ways you wouldn’t expect. Need to create a diversion or find a unique path? The Throwing Knife might be your answer.
  7. The Magic of Smoke Bombs: When deciding on which tools to add to your arsenal first, the Smoke Bomb shines bright. Whether you need a hasty escape, a distraction or a momentary shield from prying eyes, the Smoke Bomb is your go-to.
  8. Gear Chests: The Explorer’s Bounty: Mirage holds its most potent weapons and armors within hidden Gear Chests. These guarded treasures, often nestled within Baghdad’s most perilous corners, offer substantial power boosts. Venturing into forbidden zones? Always be on the lookout for these coveted chests.
  9. The Art of Thievery: Mirage’s world is rich with resources, but they won’t just land in your lap. Regularly pickpocket the unsuspecting and scour the environment for lootable chests. These simple actions will amass you a wealth of essential assets, ensuring your gear remains top-notch.
  10. The Scholar’s Prize: For those keen on uncovering every secret Mirage offers, Scholar Tokens are invaluable. Exchange these with the Cartographer, located in the formidable Round City. He holds maps to treasures and collectibles that will satisfy even the most ardent completionists.

Champion, with these strategies at your fingertips, Assassin’s Creed Mirage awaits your mastery. Navigate its challenges, savor its stories, and etch your legacy into the sands of time.

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