9 Zoom Games Coming To Season Your Tedious Online Meetings

Grand Theft Auto Online (Rockstar Games)Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online (Rockstar Games)

Ever bored during a Zoom meeting? Or maybe always? Now you can pass the time with Zoom’s 9 new multiplayer games.

Werewolf with Friends seems to be the most strategic game on the list. It’s an alternative version of Among Us but changed from astronauts versus imposters to villagers versus werewolves. Every night, werewolves would stealthily gather to devour a poor villager.  The villagers’ mission is to discuss and investigate who might be the hidden werewolves. Every player (even the werewolves) then selects one other villager whom they think is a werewolf and votes for them, and the person with the highest votes gets exiled. Villagers win when they cast out all the werewolves, while werewolves triumph when they outnumber the villagers.

Word-guessing games are the second biggest category. There is Ellen DeGeneresHeads Up, in which other players describe the word in different scenarios for you to guess. Just Say The Word also adopts similar rules, but with more complexity. In Just Say The Word, there will be forbidden words that you can’t use to describe the word. For example, you might get assigned “unicorn” without permission to mention “horn”, “mythical” or “fantasy.”

Another good game for friends is LGN Poker, an online Texas Hold ’em poker game. To offer a better gameplay experience, LGN Poker supports live audio, video, and chat throughout the game. You can play standard or tournament modes with up to 10 friends at a time. The game also allows customizable settings, including rebuying amounts and limits.

The rest of the games appear to consume fewer brain cells. Team Games provides cute little games like Mini Golf, 8-ball, and Match3, while Gaggle Party features classic card games like drawing, acting and bluffing. And personally, I think Ask Away is the ultimate ice breaker out of all. It asks players a series of randomly generated questions about one another, which is a pretty nice way to know people.

For the full list of Zoom Games, check it out here.


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