A Fan Flags ‘Titanfall’ Data Exploitation By Hacking ‘Apex Legends’

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2

According to Apex Legends News, Respawn Entertainment’s megahit Apex Legends was recently hacked. Neither PS4 nor PC players are able to properly queue for another game match. Additionally, after finishing a match, players on PC, Xbox One and PS4 were greeted with messages saying “visit and report savetitanfall.com,” and “TF1 is being attacked so is Apex.”

Respawn acknowledged the attack on Twitter. “We are aware of and actively investigating issues impacting @PlayApex playlists that are preventing players from getting into matches.” In a follow-up tweet, the developer reported that players’ personal information was not at risk and that the team was testing a fix. Later that night, the developer appeared confident that the matchmaking system had been restored.

The attack is palpably associated with Titanfall‘s perverted service. Titanfall (TF1) is a multiplayer shooting game released by Respawn Entertainment with successful spin-offs and multiple sequences. However, the game has lost a great number of players since its release date in 2014, majorly because of data exploitation that makes the game unplayable. “This issue has been happening for years and Respawn is willingly pretending that they do not know about the situation,” says savetitanfall.com. And despite the terrible state of Titanfall‘s service, the game is still on sale on many platforms, including Origin and Steam.

Although savetitanfall.com would the suspect list of the issue, the website firmly denied any involvement in the attack. “This website, nor the Discord servers listed below, are in no way associated with the recent Apex Legends hack,” it said.

Respawn’s director of communication also acknowledged the message the hacker was trying to convey. “Sunday’s attack was tied to an awareness campaign that we’ve already publicly acknowledged. The problem’s not awareness. It’s that DDoSing in particular is just a hard problem to solve. Really hard.”

Cyberattack might not be the best way to launch an awareness campaign, but in this case, the hackers did successfully make themselves heard.

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