Anticipated ‘Warcraft’ Movie Trilogy May Be Dead In The Water


Warcraft film (Blizzard)

The Warcraft movie that came out in 2016 directed by Duncan Jones grossed more than $430 million in total. The movie was the highest-grossing video game movie until this week, when Rob Letterman‘s Detective Pikachu made $436 million and counting, according to the Verge. The Warner Bros. Pictures film surpassed Warcraft, which in itself was a fantastic achievement in video game movies. Sadly, Jones says that his movie may be the only installment of the anticipated trilogy. He also spoke about how more appreciated his work is getting at the years go by.

“It was an absolute… The essence of studio filmmaking,” he said, according to Gamespot. “I got a chance to experience multiple studios takes on what a film of this size should be on one movie because it was originally. Originally, we were Warner Brothers, I was working with Atlas, I was working with Universal. It was working with Legendary, I was working with Blizzard and obviously Blizzard were very passionate about what film should be because they are who had been with the game for so long and they didn’t want to detract from that. So there were more points as to what the film needed to be. And then Legendary was bought by Wanda while we were making the movie. So it was a unique moment in time for experiencing what kind of craziness studio filmmaking could be.”

Jones talked about the financial difficulties of bringing a video game to the big screen. He instead wants to work on other projects where he can have an imaginable and unlimited budget.

“It’s going to be a tricky one to finance in this era where original material on a bigger budget is difficult to get made, so I definitely want to do the graphic novel so at least it will exist in some form,” he said, according to Polygon. “Then, hopefully, if people read the graphic novel and get really excited about it, I’m gonna try and use that as a way to leverage getting the movie made.”

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