‘Apex Legends’ Mobile Launches With New ‘Legend,’ Fade

'Apex Legends: Saviors' (Image: EA)

'Apex Legends: Saviors' (Image: EA)

The popular videogame Apex Legends is now available to play on Android and iOS.

To find it, hop onto the Google Play Store and find the title developed by EA. It can also be found on the App Store and will require the device to be updated to at least iOS 11 to be downloaded.

The mobile version of the game introduces a new character named Fade who brings a new skillset, the Phase Chamber. When thrown, the victims are temporarily unable to damage each other or be damaged. Fade’s other skill is teleporting to previous locations. Some game modes also offer the chance to alternate between the first and third-person perspectives.

One complaint of the mobile version is that the controls are difficult to manage.

The mobile version differs from the battle royale game made for PC by allowing players to move up the ranks more quickly. It is still a similar format, allowing players to pick up more rewards as they make it further.

Players who preordered the game are in for extra rewards including an R99 Epic skin, the Founder’s Badge and the Bloodhound banner frame.

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