‘Apex Legends’ Publisher Releases Advice On Poses Crash Bug

Apex Legends Emergence (Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends Emergence (Respawn Entertainment)

A game-crashing bug has developers Respawn Entertainment in crisis mode as they are trying to prevent Apex Legends players’ games from freezing due to the Epic poses.

Apex Legends has been riddled with crashes recently, this is the result of a new bug caused by animated Epic poses. These are animated poses that play out on the game’s menu screens between matches. Respawn has issued a statement about the game-breaking issue, with some easy-to-follow advice: stop posing.

“We’ve just published this message in-game to help cut down on crashes called by animated poses,” Respawn said. “Tell your friends! A full fix is scheduled for next week.”

The full in-game message reads: “Bug Notice: There’s currently an issue with animated poses which can cause crashes. We advise you to unequip these epic poses while our team works on a fix. Thanks, Legends!”

Another similar issue had just appeared last month, with Respawn issuing the same advice at the time. These Epic poses are equipped for each character in their customization options, but Respawn strongly suggests equipping a non-animated pose for the time being. At least, until the upcoming fix goes live.

“There’s no obvious reason – looking at the code – why epic (animated) banner poses should trigger this more often,” said a Respawn developer. “I never saw this bug in testing, nor did QA, but I know the bug is happening. And I can definitely believe this post – that epic banner poses are triggering this more often, because the bug is with a safeguard to make sure we don’t try to run a pose on a character for which it doesn’t apply. Maddeningly, it’s not 100%… it doesn’t happen every time. And, again, we had no reports of this during testing.”

As of yet, there is no indication of when the hotfix will go live in servers. It is best to follow Respawn’s advice and stop using the Epic poses for the time being.

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