Apple AirPods 3 May Come As Soon As This Year, With Some Breakthrough Features And New Design

Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods

After Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, revealed to NBC News that his design team are working on something that “will blow you away,” questions have been raised as to what exactly they are working on. Cook isn’t one to excite fans or reveal their upcoming plans, and Apple always seems to out-do itself in terms of new tech every year. But this year, Apple could release its newest addition of AirPods, the AirPods 3.

According to Wedbush, Apple is making a set of AirPods that are water-resistant and have noise-cancellation. Water-resistance seems to be a doable idea, as they have multiple projects that are already water-resistant, but noise-cancellation will be an intriguing one. AirPods’ current design are essentially wireless ear buds that don’t cover your entire ear and don’t seal it off. If this is their plan, there will have to be an entirely new design.

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, he says that Apple would be developing over-the-ear headphones that apply noise cancelation. After all, Gurman was the first reporter to identify Apple’s ideas of the release of AirPods back in February 2018. And in June, he declared Apple would be working on another different design of AirPods that were made to be water-resistant. According to Mac Rumors, Gurman reported that these headphones would be “studio quality” with an Apple branding.

Doesn’t Apple already have the Beats by Dre trademark? This could be an entirely different model compared to the high-quality headphones with Apples’ own branding on it. They could be out as early as this year, in time for holiday shopping season.

According to Digital Trends, Apple applied for a patent to make an active noise-cancellation toggle system that gives the user the option on how much outside sound enters their ears. This sounds like a “blow you away” type breakthrough in terms of Apple projects that Cook seems excited about.

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