‘Back 4 Blood’ New Trailer Shows Off New Card System

Back 4 Blood (Photo Courtesy Of Turtle Rock Games)

Back 4 Blood (Photo Courtesy Of Turtle Rock Games)

Fans of Left 4 Dead and its same-name sequel ought to look at Back 4 Blood, as the new game is made by ex-Valve developers and designers. Back 4 Blood absolutely oozes the dreary, but devilishly fun style that made Left 4 Dead a timeless classic.

A new video from Turtle Rock Games shows off some new features from the upcoming game and gives eager fans just enough to satisfy them until the game’s October 12 launch.

The new announcement from Turtle Rock is actually much more momentous than it appears. For as long as I’ve known, the existence of a backroom Wizard of Oz AI director pulling the strings of Left 4 Dead campaigns has been a long-time rumor only recently debunked. Now Back 4 Blood is openly and unambiguously adding such a system and I couldn’t be happier.

Knowing that every campaign is tuned and calibrated to your team’s ability is a uniquely fun idea that many just assumed was built into the 2009 Left 4 Dead 2, simply because of how unpredictable the game’s several monsters can be. Players can also toss their own cards into a campaign to put their own spin against the AI’s. Fun? Fun? Yeah, probably fun. I’m looking forward to trying Back 4 Blood later this year.

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