‘Battlefield 2024’ Season One Gameplay Trailer Drops, What’s New

'Battlefield 2042' (Image: EA)

'Battlefield 2042' (Image: EA)

Battlefield 2024 was released in 2021 to massive success and critical acclaim. But the new battle Royale feature is what fans are dying to get a peak of with the release of Season One of Battlefield 2042, titled Zero Hour. The season drops this Thursday and fans have been dying for a peek into what DICE has in store for the newest season.

The trailer for Season One dropped this week and it is packed with new features. Here’s what we know.

The Map

There is a new map in the update called “Exposure.” This map is located in the Canadian Rockies and is a breathtaking landscape filled with different features to help make combat more interesting. The map looks to prioritize equal ground and air warfare which means fighting to get the advantage on the map is a must and the setting is exciting enough to engage gamers.

New Characters

Players will have a new specialist that they can choose to deploy with. Her name, is “Ewelina Lis.” Hailing from Poland, she’s classified as an engineer with her go-to trait being Armor Hunter. Players who dislike enemy vehicles will enjoy her as she specializes in anti-vehicles. Plus her special weapon packs a punch, with a player-guided missile that when fired within a range allows a player to guide the explosive to the target once fired.

New Vehicles

To those who like vehicles however there are two new helicopters joining the fight. The YG-99 Hannibal and the RAH-68 Huron are two stealth choppers available at Tier 10 and 11 respectively. The helicopters come with new radar deflection technology and increased armor and defenses.

New Weapons

There are a lot of new weapons and upgrades available in this update but none more exciting than the Ghostmaker R-10 Crossbow. This bow is pretty much silent and offers a range of ammo types from regular, light, heavy and explosive, although most players should opt for the more daring explosive ammo.

New Rewards

Like all Battle Royale-type games, the new update includes a new tier system of rewards adding 100 tiers to the game which are available to both free and paid players. This is huge as the same rewards will be available whether or not you have a battle pass.

The entire update will be available for download for free (minus the battle pass) on June 9.

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