Become An Adorable Robot-Fighting Cat In ‘Stray’ – But What Happens When You Die?

'Stray' game (Image: BlueTwelve Studios)

'Stray' game (Image: BlueTwelve Studios)

Stray has a unique protagonist.

Players hop into the game as a cute, orange cat who has to navigate its way through a world filled with evil robots.

In the game, players can do all the things cats do like taking a nap, scratching walls and carpets and rubbing against knees. The game doesn’t turn the cat into a magic cat. Contrary to what you might think, players become a normal cat that can do normal cat activities.

The cat can, however, converse with the robots as it completes tasks.

A question many may have is about the possibility of injury or death to the cat and how that will play out on screen. The answer is yes, these things can happen. However, in death, the cat falls to the ground and the screen goes red before returning to the last checkpoint and continuing on. The cat can also be injured, for example, suffering from a limp, but it eventually heals.

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