Biggest Changes In The ‘Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition’

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy (Image: Rockstar)

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy (Image: Rockstar)

Apart from the HD remaster, the  Grand Theft Auto Definitive Edition comes with changes and enhancements to introduce these three classics to a modern audience.

The first one is combat. The three games share a lot of the same changes across the board ─ namely the GTA 5-inspired gameplay enhancements such as combat controls. Before, you had to cycle between weapons mid-combat using both triggers and use the right bumper to aim and one of the face buttons to fire. This control scheme was often a little bit hectic during tougher gunfights; however, in the Definitive Edition, the process has been simplified with the welcome inclusion of the Weapon Selection Wheel. It also slows the game down like Grand Theft Auto 5.

Both aiming and firing are now handled with the triggers as you’d expect in 2021, and the Weapon Wheel slowdown provides respite if you’re in need of gathering your thoughts during combat.

Another change from the old games to the newly remastered edition is the GPS. The GTA Trilogy has an updated navigation system featured throughout all three games. Before Grand Theft Auto 4 introduced the GPS to our HUDs, maps in GTA were pretty rudimentary, with San Andreas allowing you to add a target to your map and the previous games not offering much else. But much like GTA 4 and 5, you can now place waypoints wherever you wish, with your car creating a route to your desired destination.

Another important change from the old games to the remaster is their difficulty. Mission difficulty has seen some changes. The infamous Demolition Man mission in Vice City adds an extra 30 seconds to the player’s clock and during the mission Ceasar Vialpando in San Andreas, the lowrider competition has now been made easier by removing most of the actions needed to pass, enlarging the circle to hit the button and it even warning the player what button to press next.

These are three of the many changes and upgrades Rockstar Games have implemented in the GTA – Definitive Edition. Tell us which implementation you liked the most in the comments.

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