Bioware’s New IP Formally Unveiled As ‘Anthem’

EA’s press conference kickstarted E3 on Sunday night, and one of the more interesting announcements to hail from it, aside from A Way Out, was Bioware’s new project: Anthem.


The teaser is relatively scare on details, but it certainly sets the game’s tone. Originally known under the codename “Dylan,” Anthem exists in a futuristic world. Bioware’s latest project is also intended to function as a “live service,” drawing some parallels to titles like Bungie’s Destiny.

Bioware is best known these days as the developer behind the Mass Effect series of western RPGs. However, the latest Mass Effect was regarded as a disappointment. Their newest property is currently slated to launch during fall 2019.

Furthermore, a more in-depth trailer closed Microsoft’s conference on Sunday evening. Therein, a more detailed look at the “shared-world action-RPG” was highlighted.

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