Bungie To Unveil ‘Destiny 2’s’ Fall Update Sometime Around Release Of Season 11

Destiny 2 (Image: Bungie)

Destiny 2 (Image: Bungie)

In its Thursday blog, Bungie shared details about when players can learn about the future of Destiny 2. Season 11 of Destiny 2 has been rumored for a while and Bungie finally revealed as to when it will be available to players.

According to Bungie, players will learn about season 11, “at the same time that we talk about the next chapter in the story that has been unfolding all year long.” What this means is that Bungie plans to reveal details of Destiny 2’s fall update at the same time they reveal season 11. In the game, there is a countdown clock for the release of season 11 to be June 9 and in the blog post, production director Justin Truman revealed that they will be releasing details about the fall on June 9. 

If the announcement for the fall update does come June 9, it wouldn’t be uncharacteristic for Bungie, as the last two years, they announced updates for the fall around the same time in June 5 in 2018 and June 6 in 2019.

Players do not know what to expect and because of the coronavirus pandemic, Bungie has been forced to change how they will release the information, doing an internet announcement rather than an in-studio live stream. The studio has been hinting at the arrival of Darkness, something that has been teased for the last seven years.

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