‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ Brings Back ‘80s Nostalgia With New Operators

Call Of Duty: Warzone (Image courtesy of Activision)

Call Of Duty: Warzone (Image: Activision)

The midway update of Call of Duty is rather comprehensive: it includes new characters, maps, and game modes that are promised to bring joy and exhilaration. To echo the 80’s Action Heroes event, Call of Duty will welcome famous fictional heroes as new Operators in the game, taking the players on a journey of ‘80s vibes.

One is John Rambo, who is available through the “Tracer Pack: Rambo Operator” bundle in the Warzone Store from until June 18. Aside from the Operator itself, the bundle comes with three Legendary Weapon Blueprints, two finishing moves, a calling card, watch, charm and an emblem.

The other is John McClane, the main protagonist of the Die Hard film series. To acquire this Operator, you will need to purchase the “Tracer Pack: Die Hard Operator” bundle in the Warzone Store. In addition to John McClane and his new skin, the bundle includes three Legendary Weapon Blueprints, one finishing move, a calling card, charm and an emblem. McClane will also stay available until June 18.

There will also be three new Points of Interest, including Nakatomi Plaza, Survival Camps and CIA Outpost, as well as two new multiplayer maps, Standoff and Duga. Players get to explore these new sites, finding new high vantage points for sniping, hiding spots for ambush, or firefight cover that guarantees safety. 

Besides new sites in Warzone, three new game modes will enhance gameplay experiences. Die Hardpoint mode is not only a combat between two parties, but it is also a race against time. Players are set on a clock to capture Hardpoints and eliminate enemies before time expires. Rambo’s Gun Game is a frantic Free-for-All mode where players need to gain at least one kill with 20 different weapons to win. And in Multi-Team Elimination, 10 teams of four will compete for the last team standing or the first squad that arrives in the final safe zone. 

To take a full look at the updates, including some adjustments to weapons, you can check out the full patch notes. 

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