Capcom Releases ‘Street Fighter 6’ Teaser

'Street Fighter 6' (Image: Capcom)

'Street Fighter 6' (Image: Capcom)

Capcom announced its’ newest installment in the Street Fighter series. Street Fighter 6 will arrive six years and two updates after Street Fighter 5 came out.

The game features the series’ leading character Ryu, and he takes on Luke, who was teased in Street Fighter 5 to be a part of the sequel.

The game may look different as Yoshinori Ono, who was the Street Fighter producer for nearly 30 years, left Capcom last year.

Little is known about the game, as the gameplay was not featured in the teaser. Capcom said more information about the new game will be released this summer.

Watch the Street Fighter 6 teaser below.

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