Capcom Warns Of ‘Resident Evil Village’ Email Phishing Scam

'Resident Evil Village' (Image courtesy of Capcom)

'Resident Evil Village' (Image courtesy of Capcom)

Capcom issued a statement to various gaming news publications saying, “We’re sending this message as we’ve been made aware that there are currently emails circulating that pretend to contain ‘Early Access invitations’ to Resident Evil Village. The sender address is being displayed as ‘no-reply(at)capcom(dot)com’.”

Capcom already offered a limited-access beta to Resident Evil Village for PlayStation 5 players in January. The company has no public plans to offer another early demo before the game’s May 7 release.

“We want to inform you that these messages are NOT from Capcom and appear to be phishing attempts by an unauthorized third party. If you have received such a message, please DO NOT download any files or reply, and delete the message immediately,” the company continued.

Capcom suffered from a data breach in November 2020 which potentially compromised customer and employee data. Capcom, however, does not directly implicate the prior breach in their recent announcement.

Players should be very careful with unsolicited emails. Phishers tend to use official-looking addresses to trick people into clicking links they shouldn’t. And it’s not hard to imagine an extra-eager Resident Evil fan getting overly-excited at the prospect of playing the new Gothic-horror adventure to think twice about suspicious links.

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