Codemasters’ ‘Dirt 5’ Set For October Release On Next-Gen Consoles

'Dirt 5'

'Dirt 5'

Codemasters announced today that Dirt 5 is set for release in October. The company also said that the game will be able to be played on the Xbox Series X, PS5. Xbox One, PS4 and PC. 

Dirt 5 is a follow up to Dirt Rally 2.0 and will continue to be an approachable racing action across different formats featuring Nolan North and Troy Baker as in-game hosts and your character’s mentors. 

In the game’s career mode, players will have the ability in events around the world, as well as solo, online or a multiplayer mode with up to four players. 

Dirt 5 development coordinator Robert Karp in a press release said that the game will be an homage to Dirt 2 and 3 while also being even better. “As a studio, we are big fans of Dirt 2 and 3. This game is our homage: a bigger, amplified Dirt off-road experience in a setting that is alive, challenging, and fun. Whether you want to compete against the AI on some of the world’s most challenging environments or play a four-player split-screen game with your friends, Dirt 5 has you covered.”

Dirt 5 is expected for that October release and will also utilize Xbox Smart Delivery, meaning it will run best on whichever console you buy it for. 

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