‘Days Gone’ Coming To PC Spring 2021, More PlayStation Games Coming To PC

Days Gone (Photo: Sony)

Days Gone (Photo: Sony)

The PlayStation-exclusive zombie survival game, Days Gone, will reportedly be coming to PC in spring of 2021.

Sony Interactive Entertainment America CEO Jim Ryan said in a statement Tuesday that “a whole slate” of PlayStation-exclusive games will be making their way to PC, but Ryan confirmed that only Days Gone will be coming in Spring 2021.

Soon after Ryan’s announcement, Days Gone developer Bend Studios tweeted about the upcoming port saying fans can look forward to new details soon.

It is unclear what enhancements would come in a PC port of Days Gone, which ran at a choppy frame rate even on the PlayStation 4 Pro. The recent port of Horizon Zero Dawn saw several enhancements including 21:9 aspect ratio support and unlocked frame rate. Days Gone used massive zombie herds as one of their selling points for the game’s launch in 2019 –  I’m hoping we see the full potential of a thousand-strong zombie hoard in Days Gone‘s Oregon wilderness when it comes out this Spring.

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