‘Death Stranding’ Will Release On PC In Summer 2020

Death Stranding Logo

Death Stranding Logo ( Image: Sony)

Death Stranding is only weeks away on PS4 but there’ll be more playable options starting next year. The Hideo Kojima Productions game will be playable on PC in Summer 2020, Hideo Kojima announced.

In an announcement, publisher 505 Games said it will publish a PC version. Further details are said to be coming in the near future. The announcement didn’t detail if it’s coming to Steam or the Epic Games Store, but 505 has published games on EGS this year including Control.

With Death Stranding on PS4 coming so soon, many in the community are waiting to hear more about it. We know the review embargo lifts on Nov. 1, so that’s when we’ll get our first complete impressions of Kojima’s latest experimental game.


The studio has been teasing special guest appearances from celebrities, most recently, comedian and talk show host Conan O’ Brien. O’ Brien was invited to Kojima’s office for a behind-the-scenes look at the game on the Late Night Show with Conan. The cameos include some video game developers too, but Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski said he passed on the opportunity.

The game releases on Nov. 8 on PS4.

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