‘Destiny 2’ Glitch Lets 12 Players Run 6-Person Raid

Destiny 2 (Image: Bungie)

Destiny 2 (Image: Bungie)

Destiny 2 fans are quick to commend the adventure’s “end-game” content and more specifically, the grueling, but highly rewarding fireteam six-player raids. A recently discovered glitch, however, lets players embark on six-person raids with as many a 12 players.

While MMORPGs like Final Fantasy XIV boast as many as 24-man “Alliance Raids,” Destiny 2‘s first-person shooter play-style would be pure chaos with that many players running around. The current 12-person raid glitch is, indeed, chaotic, but not unmanageable. This exploit may influence Bungie to add more 12-man content in the future.

Twitter user ChildCelebrity released a video showing off the 12-person raid glitch Sunday.

To trigger the glitch, two groups of six need to make separate parties. Then, if timed perfectly, seconds before the six-man raid starts, a group leader combines the two groups. If done properly, Destiny 2‘s matchmaking system will put both groups in the same event, making a 12-person raid.

Bungie’s community manager, “dmg04” on Twitter, tweeted soon after the glitch gained traction. It’s unclear what action Bungie will take against the exploit.

Unlike other glitches used to duplicate in-game items or get an unfair advantage, most people using the exploit seem to be doing so just to have fun with more friends at once.

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