‘Diablo 4’ To Do Away With Pay For Power, What To Expect

'Diablo 4' To Be Released On PS4, Xbox & PC (Image: Blizzard)

'Diablo 4' To Be Released On PS4, Xbox & PC (Image: Blizzard)

Although Diablo IV won’t be released until sometime next year, Blizzard decided to let fans in early on what they can be expecting.

In a departure from Diablo III and Diablo Immortal, the game developer has confirmed that Diablo IV will not allow players to pay for more power. Instead, the game will be purchased at one price. However, players of the game will still be able to pay real money for cosmetics.

Similar to past installments, Diablo IV will feature four seasons per year, with the first one beginning soon after the game hits the shelves. Each season will feature new storylines, features and enemies to compete against. There will also be season passes available allowing players to choose between free passes and a paid-for premium pass.

The seasons set up will most closely resemble Diablo III. All the characters from the prior season will be moved to the Eternal Realm, but players will get a new character as they enter each new season. Even while playing in additional seasons, the characters collected from past seasons will still be able to be used in the Eternal Realm to level up and collect loot.

“We hope you enjoy this update and look forward to your thoughts and reactions,” game director Joe Shely wrote on Blizzard’s official blog, before adding, “Later this year, we’ll be testing our endgame systems. We’ll also be testing features that enable players who have completed the game’s campaign to flag it as completed for new characters they create and allow characters on the eternal realm to contribute to seasonal progress.”

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