‘Diablo II: Resurrected’ Players Can Import 20-Year-Old Files From Original Game

'Diablo II' (Image: Blizzard)

'Diablo II' (Image: Blizzard)

When Blizzard Entertainment announced they were remastering Diablo II under the new subtitle Resurrected, players were stunned to hear that the game will feature cross-progression allowing players to carry over progress from one platform to another seamlessly. Game Producer for Diablo II ResurrectedMatthew Cederquist, just made cross-save look like child’s play when he announced players can import saves from the original Diablo II, allowing 20-year-old save files to work with the game.

“Back when we were working on [the remaster], we wondered if the old save files would work and we kind of shoved it in and it worked,” Cederquist told IGN Middle East “And we were like, ‘okay, that’s the best feature ever’.”

Cederquist and Game Designer Andre Abrahamain gave dozens of juicy details about the upcoming remaster, but the fact that players can pick up where they conceivably left off in the Bush Administration is absolutely astounding.

Another important specification from the developers is about if Resurrected is a remake or a remaster. Abrahamain said their upcoming project “is a full remaster of the original game.”

“That’s where we thought of our 70-30 artstyle rule, where seventy percent is the new art that we created, which is trying to maintain the shapes, sizes, silhouettes and colors of the original game,” said Abrahamain. “While the rest of the thirty percent is where we can push and add embellishments and some modernization to things, so you can see more straps in how armors are connected, or environments are more decorated with storytelling.”

Players can look forward to Diablo II Resurrected on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4/5, Xbox One & X/S, and PC later in 2021.

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