Digimon World: Next Order Coming To PS4

On the day of the release for Pokemon Sun and Moon, long time occupants of Pokemon‘s shadow came to peer out of the dark abyss of never being as popular. Digimon, the series that time forgot, is apparently still alive and kicking, releasing a cool-ass game as of January 31, 2017.

So who’s a digiwhat? Digimon is a complicated series that pretends to be Pokemon but every monster’s name ends with mon in an overly-complicated plot about a digital world. I remember watching a few episodes when I was a kid, but I don’t remember jack about what happened. For those of you who argue that Digimon hasn’t lost entirely to Pokemon, allow me shatter that illusion for you. Open up Microsoft Word and type “pokemon” and “digimon”; one will be auto corrected and one asks if you meant to type “daikon.” Rest in peace, Digimon.

Anyway, the original main character could evolve his personal Digimon into Mecha-Greymon, the only version of Greymon that sports any form of grey color. The antagonist seems to be just that with slight design differences, meaning Greymon might be linked to the plot and certain nostalgic fans will be hyped out of their minds to get it.

It looks like it will be in the style of a Tales-of game, where the battle field is circular, with RPG elements in a fighting game-style brawler. The graphics looks spectacular, and the attacks are “Now That’s What I Call Anime Volume 15.” Honestly, if you’re a Digi-fan, you just hit the gold mine. If not, research it more. It looks like a solid game (but then again, so did No Man’s Sky).

Pre-ordering means bonus DLC, 2 soundtracks, and, as expected, a chance to get the game earlier. Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean the gifts are, as the Digimon franchise will give fans a reason to consider watching their crappy show with this upcoming game.

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