‘Divinity: Original Sin II’ – The Perfect Game Of Online ‘D&D’

Divinity: Original Sin II (Image: Larian Studios)

Divinity: Original Sin II (Image: Larian Studios)

A new Dungeons and Dragons movie for 2023 was announced at San Diego Comic-Con. Baldur’s Gate III is still in early access until 2023. How will D&D fans get their fix of adventure until then?

Waking up in the bowels of a prison ship, fighting off an invasion of eldritch abominations and slowly making your way through the ruins of a shipwreck, Divinity Original Sin II hits hard and fast. I picked up the game in the midst of senior year finals. The story and gameplay kept me going, putting off work for another hour questing and looting throughout the intricate world built by the game. Released in 2017 by Larian Studios, Divinity Original Sin II is one of the premiere roleplaying games to this day.

Everything Is A Weapon In Combat

Too often, an RPG’s combat finds itself limited by how complex it can be. Divinity‘s complex and creative combat system rewards players for using their environment in combat. Ice spells freeze the water around the opponent, freezing them as well. Fire spells ignite barrels of oil, lighting your enemy aflame. Teleport furniture onto heads or teleport people onto each other.  Whether it be standing in the back and slinging spells or fighting in the fray with a blade, Divinity hosts the best tactical turn-based combat in the computer roleplaying game genre.

Actual Roleplaying In Your Roleplaying Game

Divinity‘s story and world are no slouch either. The world crafted by Larian Studios draws you in like the eye of the storm. There’s a host of quirky and interesting characters to join you on your quest, from stoic war veterans to talking skeletons.  Burdened with fantastic power, your character sets out to explore the world and master that power. Your journey takes you from bustling towns to foreboding dungeons. Fighting monsters and solving problems wherever you go, Divinity rewards players for thinking outside the box. Each quest contains multiple endings, depending on how players solved the problem. Whether it be going loud and killing everything in sight or carefully examining every possible area for clues, Divinity takes every route in mind.

If I were to rate Divinity Original Sin II, it would be a ten out of ten. It’s much like a game of Dungeons and Dragons: open world and rewarding for creativity.


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