Everything You Need To Know About The ‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ Multiplayer Mode Coming In March

'Watch Dogs 2'

'Watch Dogs 2'

The London cyber-crime spree adventure, Watch Dogs: Legion, is finally getting a multiplayer mode after a vague delay sent the mode into the ‘2021 release’ ether.

Legion‘s online mode is coming as a free update to the game on March 9. Ubisoft hints that there will be “other surprises down the road,” in addition to March’s co-op and PvP mode.

Co-op will allow you and three friends to play in Legion‘s immersive open-world together and play story missions as well as special tailored co-op missions. Ubisoft is releasing a series of “Tactical Ops” which they claim “require” four players. It is unclear if a group of two or three will be able to run “Tactical Ops” on their own.

The upcoming Player versus Player mode is more interesting than I expected. “Spiderbot Arena” mode pits eight players against one player-controlled juiced-up spider bot in a mode I expect will be even more scary than Dead by Daylight. Classic multiplayer from Watch dogs games of the past are making a return too, allowing players to use their special hacker abilities “mano a mano.”

Players can also look forward to future free events, likely in connection to the “other surprises” Ubisoft hinted at.

UbiCentral’s YouTube channel uploaded a short video of footage from the upcoming online mode.

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