Fan Fixes ‘Yakuza’ PC Port Bugs Before Sega

Yakuza Judgement (Image: SEGA)

Yakuza Judgement (Image: SEGA)

With very little press, Sega released a backlog of old Yakuza series games onto Steam in February. Joining the modern games already on PC, Sega released Yakuza 3, 4 and all on the same day. The decade-old PlayStation 3 games, however, suffered some growing pains in their shift to PC. Before Sega themselves released a patch to mitigate issues, a modder lived up the ingenuity expected of tinkerer of PC gamers and fixed the issues themselves.

Gamers who downloaded Yakuza 3, 4 or  in February reported abnormally high CPU usage and regular crashes. Most crashes happened during stylish finisher moves in combat, only adding insult to injury.

PC modder ‘Silent,’ who specializes in modding Grand Theft Auto turned his focus to the Tokyo back street brawler when 2018’s PC release of Yakuza 0 left a lot to be desired. In a series of blog posts, Silent explained his process for replacing Yakuza 0‘s in-game lighting system. Silent’s fixes never reached the public since Sega implemented a similar fix days before Silent released his own. For February’s release of Yakuza 3, 4 and 5, the modder refused to be beat.

Silent’s fixes for Yakuza 3, 4 and actually outdo what Sega has offered so far in official patches. Days before an official quick-fix, Silent resolved the games’ CPU over-usage issue. While Sega’s patch matched Silent on the CPU fix, Silent addressed several issues not resolved with the Sega patch. Specifically in Yakuza 5, Silent managed to fix problems with dynamic resolution and several unaddressed crashes.

Players looking for the best PC experience of Yakuza 5 seemingly will have to look further than the official patches from Sega. Anyone interested in Silent’s unofficial patch and a full explanation of his fixes can download it here.

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