Fans Are Discovering New Cheats In ‘Elden Ring’ Despite Anti-Cheat Patch Releasing Months Before

'Elden Ring' (Image: FromSoftware)

'Elden Ring' (Image: FromSoftware)

On January 11, FromSoftware released “Version 1.10.1” of their smash-hit action role-playing game Elden Ring with a singular note being listed on Bandai Namco’s website stating that they added an “easy anti-cheat update” in light of a recent Steam OS update. However, despite the patch being released to prevent cheaters, users on Reddit have reported that cheating is still rampant in the game.

In early March, Reddit user u/Esbidee uploaded a gameplay video on the game’s subreddit of them discovering that the player they had just dropped 80 million runes upon their death. This incident was reported as strange for many fans as the normal limit of runes, the game’s currency, is 355,000 even on the maximum level.

Speculation rose among fans regarding how the player who was killed was potentially a cheater in the game who had edited their account to be a higher level than the game’s limits.

Some stated that the user might have also discovered a bug with some claiming that that they were playing a hacked version of the game. It was also noted by some commenters that this issue had occurred in the past with other issues when the game was released on PC, however, the patch was alleged to have blocked the hack.

After releasing worldwide in 2022, Elden Ring has gone on to sell over 23 million units with the game winning many awards from The Game Awards, Golden Joystick Awards, as well as the Game Developer Choice Awards upon many it received on its launching year. It also won the “Game of the Year” award from last year’s Steam award with the game winning an additional award titled “Best Game You Suck At” from Steam.

In February 2023, FromSoftware announced an upcoming expansion to the game titled Shadow of Erdtree to be released on June 21 of this year with influence from George R.R. Martin’s concept for additional expansion to the game’s mythos.

On February 21, Bandai Namco released an official gameplay trailer for the expansion.

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