Fast & Furious Returns To Rocket League® On June 17

Rocket League / Fast & Furious Bundles (Photo Courtesy Of Psyonix)

Rocket League / Fast & Furious Bundles (Photo Courtesy Of Psyonix)

In celebration of the upcoming Fast & Furious 9, Psyonix, the San Diego video game developer, is welcoming the Fast & Furious franchise back again in Rocket League.

The Fast & Furious 3-Car Bundle will include two iconic vehicles that have gone absent since the game went free, as well as the brand-new pistol custom car featured in the upcoming sequel. Players will regain access to the leading character Dom’s Dodge Charger and his departed brother Brian O’Conner’s Nissan Skyline. Alongside the two familiar cars will be the F9‘s rocket-strapped Pontiac Fiero. The deluxe 3-car package will be available in the Item Shop for 2400 Credits.

Details of the cars are below:

  • Fast & Furious Pontiac Fiero
    • Fast & Furious Pontiac Fiero Wheels
    • Fast & Furious Pontiac Fiero Wheels (Black Painted)
    • Flames Decal
    • Stripes Decal
    • Circuit Pro Decal
    • Wings Decal
    • Lightning Decal
    • Reel Life Decal
  • Fast & Furious Dodge Charger
    • Fast & Furious Dodge Charger Wheels
    • Fast & Furious Dodge Charger Wheels (Black Painted)
    • Alameda Twin Decal
    • Flames Decal
    • Good Graces Decal
    • Rally Decal
    • Sinclair Decal
    • Wheelman Decal
    • Reel Life Decal
  • Fast & Furious Nissan Skyline
    • Fast & Furious Nissan Skyline Wheels
    • Fast & Furious Nissan Skyline Wheels (Black Painted)
    • 2Bold Decal
    • 2Cool Decal
    • 2Tuff Decal
    • Clean Cut Decal
    • Home Stretch Decal
    • The Clutch Decal
    • Reel Life Decal

If you’d only like to purchase one Fast & Furious Car Pack, each will cost 1000 Credits. And for the OG fans that have owned the Dodge Charger and/or Nissan Skyline already, there will be Upgrade Packs (for the new Wheels and Reel Life Decals) for 300 Credits each.

The Item Shop will also feature two new Player Anthems and a free “Tuna, No Crust” title. One song has been revealed to be the new F9 song, “Furiosa” by Anita, while the other remains an undisclosed surprise that’ll be unwrapped when it lands in the store. Both songs will cost 200 Credits.

This time-limited event will only be available from June 17  – June 30. Make sure you don’t miss it!

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